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Personal Service by Qualified Professional


Of course, all weddings are an individual and it is important to plan your wedding film with you.

At VIDEO BY MIKE, we believe it is not just a question of choosing a videographer from a selection of on-line demonstration videos, it is preferable to meet your video operator as part of the selection process. When you make your first enquiry, we will invite you to visit us and watch samples of previous work over a cup of tea or coffee. Then we will be able to discuss your wedding plans and how best to make a film to treasure. We can then offer you a quotation. If you accept this, you will be asked to pay a booking fee to confirm the date.

Shortly before the big day, we recommend meeting again to finalise details. If you are having a church ceremony, we would wish to attend the rehearsal. This allows us the opportunity to meet the minister and discuss the preferred procedures in that church.

On the day, we will probably arrive approximately one and a half hours before the ceremony (unless earlier arrival has been agreed) which allows us time to take some establishing shots and set up equipment for the ceremony. If arranged, it would be possible for one of our camera operators to visit the bride for her final preparations.


    We will start recording as your guests arrive, remembering to keep an
    eye open for the arrival of the groom.

    Once the bride has arrived and the photographer is busy taking pictures
    at the car, one camera will be taken inside, ready for the ceremony.

    The second camera will remain outside to follow the progress of the bride
    and her entourage to point of entry to the ceremony.

   Assuming we have permission to record the ceremony our main camera will record from the best position permitted/possible. Unfortunately, the very best position may not be permitted or could be obstructed. If allowed, our second camera will be used from the back of the church, shooting along the aisle.

During initial set-up, we will have placed high sensitivity microphones as near as we can to capture the vows. We find that most couples are more comfortable with this arrangement rather than fitting the groom with a radio mic and it is certainly more reliable.


  When you have left the ceremony, one of our crew will remove our
    equipment from the church ready for departure to the reception venue.

    We will keep one camera with you during the photo session outside the
    church and take a shot of the departing car. Depending on circumstances,
    we will try to get one camera to the venue to catch the arrival of bride and


   At the reception, one operator will check out
   the table set up and take a series of shots of
   tables and cake.

The other operator will work closely with the photographer whilst you are having your main photo session.

It is critical at all stages of the day for the photographer and videographer to have an excellent and professional working relationship. We are well known by many of the area's leading professional photographers and we always work together closely to produce the best results possible. We would be pleased to recommend photographers if you wish.


When you are ready to enter for the wedding breakfast, we will have one camera waiting with you and the other in the room waiting on your arrival.

When you are settled at the top table, we will take a number of shots of
 you and your guests, but cameras will be withdrawn during the meal. This is our opportunity to take a break and a few refreshments.

Between courses, we may need to set microphones at the top table
 ready for the speeches. Please note, these microphones are only for our cameras and not part of a PA system.If the room is dark, we may seek your permission to add lighting to improve results. This
 would only be for the speeches and only with your permission.

 All these details are only a guideline as to how we work. A wedding
 video is a very personal item and we would wish to discuss details
 with you